This really happened.

We were filming some more fun OXY-Boost videos with the eco-girls and their friends when Julia came running in to the living room with a bowl of blueberries and spilled it all across the nice white, freshly-cleaned carpet. Ugh. Despite the fact that I’ve been the world’s second advocate for ecoGeeks OXY-Boost for going on 7 years now, I honestly didn’t think the product was THAT powerful and I was going to be saddled with a slightly blue discoloration in my carpet until it came time to replace it. For the record, Mikaela’s the biggest advocate, but she thinks we could use it to clean up radioactive waste.

Blueberry stains are notorious for being next to impossible to clean. There are expensive products out there that specifically designed just to take out that type of stain (I know, because we developed a couple of them when I was at Pacific Sands).

While we recreated the scene of Julia actually spilling the blueberries, the actual demonstration of the product is shot in real time of the real blueberry stain. Even Mikaela was amazed at how effectively the product not just ‘dissolved’ the stain, but eliminated it completely. The best part was, there was no discoloration of the surrounding carpet and absolutely NO re-staining over time.

Using ecoGeeks OXY-Boost for Carpets Stain Removal: OXY-Boost is a remarkably effective product for use in removing stains in all types of natural and synthetic carpet. The product rinses out completely and does not promote re-staining.

  • Add one scoop (2 ounces) of ecoGeeks OXY-Boost to one quart of very hot water and mix until completely dissolved.
  • Using a squirt bottle or sponge, thoroughly soak the stained area.
  • Allow the ecoGeeks OXY-Boost solution to work until stain is completely gone (1 to 2 minutes)
  • Dilute with fresh, warm water and daub with a towel until as dry as possible (or remove with carpet extractor)

In a Carpet Extractor:

  • Add one scoop (2 ounces) of ecoGeeks OXY-Boost to one gallon of very hot water and mix until completely dissolved.
  • Use OXY-Boost solution instead of water in extractor per manufacturer’s instructions. It is not necessary to use any other soaps or carpet cleaning solution.

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