How to Fix Your Smelly Drain!

Drain biofilm builds up when bacteria excrete a sticky, smelly substance

Do you have a smelly sink in your house?  Don’t worry, this problem is very common and most often caused by bio film in the drain pipe and trap.  We’ve got instructions below on how to remove this biofilm build up and once you get rid of it the smell is gone too!  These instructions are part… Continue reading

7 Toxic Products I Replaced with One Cheap, Green Solution

7 Toxic Products I replaced with ecoGeeks OXY-Boost and save my self $80.50 every couple of months.

We go through about 2o pounds of ecoGeeks (OXY)Boost every few months. Most folks would think, “how could you POSSIBLY do that much laundry?” but ecoGeeks OXY-Boost is so much more than a laundry de-stainer, deodorizer and detergent boost.I honestly believe that, if… Continue reading

How to safely un-Clog Drains and Toilets with ecoGeeks Boost

There are very few products in my life that that I’ve been happier to get OUT of my life than drain cleaners. I’ve always gone out of my way to avoid them at all cost. The exposure to the toxic chemicals, the smell and the danger is, frankly, something we can all do without.

Since my first use of ecoGeeks… Continue reading

Super Easy Worm Composting

How to get started with worm composting; it’s easier than you might think!

Do you eat fruits and vegetables like green beans, watermelons, cantaloupes? There is a better option to dispose of yourfood waste because worms absolutely LOVE melon rinds, banana peels and pretty much every vegetable trimming.  You can easily put most of your kitchen food waste… Continue reading