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Caroline on 5 Common Household Threats to Your Health

Caroline Blazovsky, the Healthy Home Expert, is talking healthy home technology. Caroline has a list of top 5 hidden home invaders and some handy hints about what to do about them using a Canary.

1. Dust Mites – Gone!
These creeping looking microscopic critters, feed on our dander from pets and humans and produce proteins that give us allergies!… Continue reading

7 Toxic Products I Replaced with One Cheap, Green Solution

7 Toxic Products I replaced with ecoGeeks OXY-Boost and save my self $80.50 every couple of months.

I honestly believe that, if I started a jar and put all of the money I saved using ecoGeeks Boost I’d be more likely to be able to put the eco-girls through college in a few years.

We go through about 2o pounds… Continue reading

How to un-Clog Drains and Toilets with ecoGeeks Boost

There are very few products in my life that that I’ve been happier to get OUIT of my life than drain cleaners. I’ve always gone out of my way to avoid them at all cost. The exposure to the toxic chemicals, the smell and the danger is, frankly, something we can all do without.

Since my first use of ecoGeeks… Continue reading

Kill Laundry Odor and Stains Naturally: Even Skater Stink!

ecoGirl, The Beastie, a figure skater, had the best ever line last year after they had to use the locker room right after the hockey players.

Beastie: “We had to burn a tire in the locker room to get rid of the hockey death stink.”

ecoGeeks (oxy)Boost not only completely and naturally removes hockey stink, it also completely removes organic… Continue reading