How to build fast, easy hoop house for your garden!

hoophouse finished


Snow is *almost* all melted here in SE Wisconsin, but the ground is still very cold.   Last Saturday morning we built a nice hoop house and we’ll use it to thaw some ground and get plants started!

We put this hoop house together in about 2 hours.  One person can build it but it’s way easier if… Continue reading

Why should I clean the street gutter drain?

Clean Street Drain

Simply true – the basement your save will be your own, and your neighbor’s.  This is why we should clean out the street drains in front of our house.

From the Google+ page



Starting Garden Plants Indoors

It’s time to start growing stuff! Spring is really just around the corner…

After this super cold winter, it is such a joy to start growing things.  Anything.  We did have a few miraculous warm days in the 40′s last week, but the temperature last night went back down to single digits and the ground here in SE… Continue reading

Better Floor Cleaning

Winter Floor dirt

Winter Floor dirt

I love clean floors!  I love being able to run around the house in bare feet or grippy socks, but this time of year it’s a real challenge to keep the floors clean.  And while I love having clean floors I can’t say I’ve always been that good at actually getting them clean. Thankfully I… Continue reading

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