Super Easy Worm Composting

How to get started with worm composting; it’s easier than you might think!

It’s full on spring here in Southeast Wisconsin and we’re all eating lots more fruit and generating lots of peels and rind waste.  Guess what?  Worms absolutely LOVE melon rinds!  They like banana peels too.  You too can put some… Continue reading

Watch ecoGeeks OXY-Boost Oxygen Bleach Cleaner Remove Blueberry Stains, in Real Time!

This really happened.

We were filming some more fun OXY-Boost videos with the eco-girls and their friends when Julia came running in to the living room with a bowl of blueberries and spilled it all across the nice white, freshly-cleaned carpet. Ugh. Despite the fact that I’ve been the world’s second advocate for ecoGeeks OXY-Boost for going on 7… Continue reading

Spring Garden Clean Up


Time to clean up the backyard

Hooray!  Time to start cleaning up the garden

Looks like the backyard of the project house needs some attention.   One thing that gets me motivated to clean up the yard is the prospect of growing stuff, specifically growing things I can eat :)  In the area pictured here, we’ll be growing… Continue reading

Grandma knew best about creating a Healthy Home….

Grandmothers certainly had the wisdom to  tell us to wash our hands, don’t wear shoes in the house and open the windows, but now science has proven them to be right. Ventilation, for example, can help reduce volatile organic compounds or chemicals faster. In fact, the EPA advises us that without sufficient outdoor air, pollutants can sometimes accumulate… Continue reading