How Do I Support My Tomatoes?

Tomato plant unsupported

Fallen tomatoes- don’t let this happen to you!

Support your tomato plants!

It’s pretty important to build some type of support for tomato plants – supports are needed to keep the plants growing upright and to help support the fruit as they come in.   The tomatoes we planted at the Carlisle project will need support… Continue reading

Super Easy Worm Composting!

How to get started with worm composting; it’s easier than you might think!

It’s full on summertime here in Southeast Wisconsin and we’re all eating lots more fruit and generating lots of peels and rind waste.  Guess what?  Worms absolutely LOVE melon rinds!  They like banana peels too.  You too can put some… Continue reading

How to make a 1,000 gallon pond in 20 minutes

The latest project: Building a backyard pond in about 20 minutes to raise home grown fish! Here is the whole procedure, reduced to under thirty seconds via the magic of time lapse. Stay tuned for more details!

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How To Make a Garden Map!

Part of the Reclaiming the Backyard Project: How and Why Make a Garden Map

We recently made a small garden in the backyard and though it’s just starting to really take off, I’m already thinking about how to save seeds for next year.  I decided to make a small map of all the plants to make sure I… Continue reading