Author: Mick Wynhoff

How to un-Clog Drains and Toilets with ecoGeeks Boost

There are very few products in my life that that I’ve been happier to get OUIT of my life than drain cleaners. I’ve always gone out of my way to avoid them at all cost. The exposure to the toxic chemicals, the smell and the danger is, frankly, something we can all do without. Since my first use of ecoGeeks (OXY) Boost in 2005, I have NEVER confronted a clogged drain that I have been unable to clear using ecoGeeks Boost and very hot water and/or vinegar. Clear a Clogged or Slow Drain with ecoGeeks (OXY)Boost: – Pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup of ecoGeeks (OXY)Boost directly into the drain. – If drain is dry, add a couple of cups of very hot water. – Allow to work for at least a half hour. – rinse with very hot water (For very difficult clogs, add as much vinegar as needed to accelerate the reaction) Clear Clogged Toilets with ecoGeeks (OXY)Boost: – Pour 1 – 2 cups of ecoGeeks (OXY)Boost directly into the toilette. – Allow product to work for 45 minutes to an hour – Slowly pour very hot water into the bowl until clog breaks (For very difficult clogs, add as much vinegar as needed to accelerate the reaction) – Flush twice to assure clog is cleared and product is completely diluted. Avoid the nasty chemicals and danger of...

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Watch ecoGeeks OXY-Boost Oxygen Bleach Cleaner Remove Blueberry Stains, in Real Time!

This really happened. We were filming some more fun OXY-Boost videos with the eco-girls and their friends when Julia came running in to the living room with a bowl of blueberries and spilled it all across the nice white, freshly-cleaned carpet. Ugh. Despite the fact that I’ve been the world’s second advocate for ecoGeeks OXY-Boost for going on 7 years now, I honestly didn’t think the product was THAT powerful and I was going to be saddled with a slightly blue discoloration in my carpet until it came time to replace it. For the record, Mikaela’s the biggest advocate, but she thinks we could use it to clean up radioactive waste. Blueberry stains are notorious for being next to impossible to clean. There are expensive products out there that specifically designed just to take out that type of stain (I know, because we developed a couple of them when I was at Pacific Sands). While we recreated the scene of Julia actually spilling the blueberries, the actual demonstration of the product is shot in real time of the real blueberry stain. Even Mikaela was amazed at how effectively the product not just ‘dissolved’ the stain, but eliminated it completely. The best part was, there was no discoloration of the surrounding carpet and absolutely NO re-staining over time. Using ecoGeeks OXY-Boost for Carpets Stain Removal: OXY-Boost is a...

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Composting Fall Leaves

One of my pet peeves with urban living is the lack of options for disposing of yard waste, particularly leaves and grass. Using some very simple composing techniques, you can make your lawn and garden almost completely self contained. You’ll rarely have to send bulky, guilt-ridden yard waste to the dumps and will have excellent, rich compost available for your flower and vegetable garden. It only takes a few basic ingredients to get your successful sustainable urban composting project going, and most of them you probably have already. Find out the easy steps to turning lawn debris into garden gold, right here: Ingredients: Bagger / Mulching Lawn mower Hose Dirt Vegetable Garden or a spot to put one in the spring. One big, honkin’ Compost Heap (3.5 CU Yards) The one thing you probably don’t have is the big, honkin’ compost heap, so for very simple instructions on how to make one for yourself, visit my website at pacific sands. One nice future of our cheapie heap is that it’s sort of portable between seasons. I’m seriously lazy, so I stick the thing in the middle of the garden for the winter so I don’t have far to haul the compost come spring. Note: if this is your first year in the process, you may want to toss a little straw or broken up corn stalks at the bottom...

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