How do I Clean a Stinky Drain?

How to clean out stinky drains and get rid of biofilm:

The sink drain in my downstairs bathroom was putting off a pretty nasty funk last week. After cleaning the whole bathroom from top to bottom there was still a musty, rotten odor.

Drain biofilm builds up when bacteria excrete a sticky, smelly substance

Drain biofilm builds up when bacteria excrete a sticky, smelly substance

My little guys use that sink to wash up some pretty remarkably disgusting stuff they find lying around outside, so it wasn’t such a big surprise. In desperation, I took the J trap off to see if there was a dead mouse or goldfish in there or something. The odor was apparently coming from this nasty biofilm buildup.

Biofilm forms when bacteria sticks to a surface in a wet environment. The bacteria excrete a slimy substance that is very difficult to eradicate. (Dental plaque is actually a biofilm!)

How to fix a smelly bathroom sink:
I poured some hot water down the drain, and then two scoops of ecogeek’s OxyBoost. Then I poured about a cup of very hot water on to get the powder into the trap and activated. It bubbled and steamed for about 20 minutes and then I poured another quart or so of very hot water down. Took the trap off again and, voila!

ecogeek's OxyBoost is very effective for removing biofilm from sink drains

Tough biofilm removed completely with ecogeek’s OxyBoost!

I’m told biofilm can be extremely difficult to remove. Seemed pretty easy using this method with our OxyBoost oxygen bleach.

You can buy ecogeek’s OxyBoost here:


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